Map the entire organisation. Configure the functionality you need.

Gain deeper insights and implement change using the world's first organisational programming platform. Finally, a platform to beat complexity and thrive.

Meet the world's first Organisational Programming platform
A cloud based platform that is infinitely scalable to adapt to even the largest of organisations. Strict security protocols around data encryption, accessibility and compliance with global best practice.
No coding required, configure the platform using drag and drop to map the organisation and build the functionality you need. Designed to help everyone navigate and build systems.
All configuration follows a standardised methodology called ‘Organisational Programming’. This allows you to break any system or problem down into a number of essential building blocks so you can then re-imagine and re-engineer better outcomes.
Configure business rules to automate functions across the entire platform. Based on commonly used ‘when’ this happens ‘then’ this should happen logic, our rule engine is simple to use yet infinitely powerful.
Integrate the Cosight Platform with your favourite applications, send and receive data, update records and trigger business rules across your entire organisational domain using commonly accepted methods of integration and data sharing, including API, file transfers, CSV uploads and a host of dedicated integrations. Leverage and complement your existing application suite to create a single source of truth.
Create content rich pages containing any element of the system including data entry forms, graphs, tables, reports or just simple plain text and images. A much simpler and easier way to build interactive content rich pages to share internally or with customers and suppliers.
Work Remotely
Work remotely with built in chat, video, voice and messaging functionality. Integrate with your favourite applications to facilitate multi channel support. Continue to work the way you like and make sure everyone is kept in the loop, communicate and collaborate with ease and take your customer service experience to the next level.

Unrivaled Transparency

Organisational Mapping

Build digital maps of the entire organisation to navigate and understand:

  • Where and how organisational resources are allocated and for what purpose
  • All obligations, requirements and processes
  • Areas for improvement
  • Emerging risks and problem areas
  • Strategic initiatives and what if scenarios

Organisational mapping is some of the most important work an organisation can undertake. It provides deep insights and a foundation to implement continuous improvement.

If you want to see the organisation thrive, using the Cosight platform to build your organisational maps should be a top priority.

Build yourself

Configure Solutions

Easily configure the Platform to do what your organisation needs. Step away from the constraints and limits that have held your organisation back and start imagining a future where system development is your strategic advantage.

  • Configure solutions to solve recurring problems
  • Complement and extend existing software applications
  • Share your configurations across your organisation
  • Publish configurations to the Cosight market place
  • Join a professional network to share ideas and gain new insights

See today achieve tomorrow

Collective Understanding

Any size organisation, across any industry, can unlock transformational value on the Cosight platform. At the core of this success is the concept of 'Collective Understanding'. Find out what this means, why it is so powerful and how your organisation can harness the benefits.

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Liberate your organisation

Learn how Organisational Programming can be used to upskill your workforce and prepare your organisation for the future.

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Join the organisational programming revolution. Become a Cosight partner and offer authorised Organisational Programming setup and support for organisations in your area.

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