About Cosight

Our purpose is to help organisations unlock the benefits of innovation.

We believe that innovation captures the essence of improvement and that if organisations can successfully innovate, they can remain relevant, optimise resources, take advantage of opportunities and foster a positive culture.

Something is wrong with the traditional approach to improvement initiatives, systems development, project management and attempted innovation.

With all that's going on in the world we think the time has come for organisations to embrace a new approach to driving innovation.

We believe there is a better way, a way that engages the workforce, teaches new skills and affords a much deeper level of organisational understanding. We believe that a practical innovation strategy that focuses on real outcomes can help ensure long term economic sustainability and we are proud to bring to market an offering that is focused on sustainable customer outcomes.

Cosight was founded by a team of dedicated professionals with a background in building complex mission critical systems in financial services. Our senior team each has over twenty plus years of industry experience covering a range of disciplines including application architecture, enterprise design, risk management, customer support and more.

Our Culture

What's important to us

We celebrate good ideas, free-thinking, and diversity of opinion. Everyone has good ideas and we believe a culture where everyone is working harmoniously in an open honest and respectful way, comfortable to question and offer solutions is key. We don’t overthink it, instead we know the work we do is extremely important and we're passionate about the solutions we offer.

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