Some examples of what you can build

The functionally of the Cosight platform makes it easy to build system based solutions to meet any number of needs, across any industry. Here are just a few examples.

Workflow Management

Configure intelligent workflows for both complex and simple events. Our rule-based automation tools help you build workflows that drive efficiencies and minimise exceptions .

Control Frameworks

Build control frameworks that pinpoint exceptions in real time, across any department and any function. Reduce risk, reduce waste and free-up capacity.

Fraud Detection

With the ability to monitor system attributes and automate exception management processes, Cosight makes it easier and more cost-effective for all organisations to build sophisticated fraud detection capability.

Inventory Management

Manage stock levels in real time across every level of the organisation. Communicate with suppliers and apply pattern recognition to make more informed forecasts.

Service Desk

Configure service desk requirements to cover every part of the organisation. Communicate with internal and external customers, manage cases and build a dynamic knowledge base.

Risk Management

Build an all-encompassing risk framework that connects to every element of the organisation. Visualise events using the power of graph technology to demonstrate and educate like never before.

Enterprise Architecture

Map your business, data, application and technology architecture domains. Easily apply adopted frameworks as you increase organisational awareness and knowledge.

Project Managment

Build a project management platform to suit the way your organisation actually works. Manage every aspect of project delivery to keep your program of works on track.

Artifical Intelligence

Apply a range of artificial intelligence models to your data sets using a unique yet user friendly approach to generate real world benefits.

Predictive Modelling

Model and weight your existing data to analyse and predict future outcomes based on previous activity. Continually feed results back into your model to improve the accuracy of outcomes.

Recommendation System

Build collaborative and content-based filtering systems using your data to provide customers with context-based information to enrich their experience. Recommend new products and services to match user behaviour.

Cost Allocation Engine

Create a cost allocation engine to weight cost dependencies based on relationships. Customise allocations across customer segments and internal departments or team functions.

AWS and Azure Management

Analyse cost information from AWS and Azure to continually search for optimised value. Automatically act on data by creating a rule to update resources in AWS and Azure.


Manage IT assets and services within your organisation using common frameworks such as ITIL. Visualise relationships between software, hardware and users to quickly understand the impact of incidents and problems. Automate problem and incident responses.

Market Place

Expedite your installation of Cosight by accessing a marketplace of ready to use configurations and implementation partners to help build what you need.

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